Roll forming machine – Saving costs, time and labor

Currently, with an increasingly developed society, science and technology are becoming more and more modern, meeting the increasing needs of people, including the introduction of corrugated iron rolling machines. However, talking about this series, how to use it, not everyone knows. The following article, we will answer customer questions on this field.


1. What is roll forming machine?

Roll forming machine is quite popular and widely used in the market today. The machine name in English is Double roll forming machine, which can produce corrugated iron for roofing or use in making walls for large and small constructions or factories.

Quoc Trung Mechanical is one of the pioneers in the production of corrugated iron sheets using 220v power compared to conventional machines using higher power sources. Therefore, this is also a cost-saving solution in the difficult economic times.

2. What are the features of the roll forming machine?

Quoc Trung Mechanical designs rolling mills with many different features and uses, making it possible for customers to take full advantage to avoid carrying bulky items and saving high costs. best for customers. The following, we only list out some basic features of the machine:
– The machine has a large rolling speed. This will help users save a lot of time
– Machines bring high productivity.
– Saving labor and labor.
– Bring the lowest cost and price.

3. What kind of roll forming machine is available?

Currently, there are many types of rolling mills on the market, but mainly some of the following:
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