In 2008, with the development of the economy needs more components and the increasing demands of the market economy, the leaders and the loyal, enthusiastic have jointly contribute to the establishment of “Quoc Trung Co., ltd.”with his best wishes to contribute to society, said Vietnam’s economy in the international arena.

During operation, the entire staff of National Central staff are responsive to identified mission and consistent with their commitments. To get the maturity, the entire Board of Directors and staff of National Central staff has undergone many vicissitudes, has faced many difficulties. Each time, National Center grow stronger. By the efforts, courage, endurance of hardship from the National Center passed this test to other challenges. The motto of the Quoc Trung Co., ltd. is Metal “work and learn.”

Until now, we “Quoc Trung Co., ltd.” is proud to distribute a floor mills tole, tole second floor rolling machines, purlin machine, wave machine, tiles, flat iron sheet cutter, machine discharge auto Roll, Air shocks panels, gutter press machine, roll forming machine roof, May hew, hoists, machine press dome, … and services to aftermarket customers best.

Through the exchange of ideas and customer care, we hope to develop with our customers and bring more benefits to customers and communities.

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