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Quoc Trung Co., ltd. is a company with a tradition and history in the field of processing, manufacture and installation of mechanical products, in recent years along with economic growth domestic and international to conform to the trend of integration of world economy, leaders urged the company to diversify production and business lines, improving the technical level and the best service and so on.

In addition to the experience of operating a business over 20 years in the field of machining, fabrication and installation of mechanical products of the company is increasingly advanced and brand of the company also has been confirmed the domestic market and international. Lots of mechanical products our company has achieved a gold medal at the exhibition in the country, a floor mills tole, tole second floor rolling machines, purlin machine, wave machine, tiles, cutting tole flat, automatic coiler machine, machine shock panels, gutter press machine, roll forming machine roof, May hew, hoists, machine press surround …

The company invests machinery, modern equipment, enhanced training to improve, improve skills of workers with the aim of increasing labor productivity, product quality coupled with lower production costs.

Along with the application of quality management system ISO 9001: 2000, a team of engineers and technical workers experienced power equipment more modern, the company has built its reputation in the marketplace and rather broad gain market share in the domestic market, has entered foreign markets.

The company has participated in construction of many important works such as Hoang Thach Cement Factory, Hoang Mai, …

The company has active multilateral relations, cooperation, joint ventures with many companies and organizations in the country aimed at technology transfer and application of scientific advances and technology in production processes.

In the coming years Quoc Trung Co., ltd. continued to invest in innovative equipment, modern technology, promote cooperation and joint ventures to constantly increase production capacity and financial capability international ensure product quality increasing, to meet the increasing needs of customers.

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