Instruction to operate the roll forming machine

The process for operating the steel sheet mill is as follows:
Check the power: Make sure the power supply for the machine has all three phases, including the mass wire.
Check the oil level in the tank.
Check the coolant level.
Follow the steps in order:
Turn on the power.
Open the oil pump.
Check the position of the travel knife switch for the first and the next.
1Knifes frontThe upper limit switch, in action.
2Knife afterThe upper limit switch, in action.
If the above cases are not in the prescribed position; perform cutting before, after cutting, punching in manual mode, without workpieces, so that the machine can take the watchtower to the specified position.
Check the machine tuning parameters:
– Vegetarianism:
– Vegetarian Cup:
5 Enter the order:
– Clear length, quantity, old orders, (Press the three buttons RESET FULL, LEGHT, QUANTITY).
– Enter the length and quantity parameters for specifications (up to 10 specifications at the same time).
– Switch the machine in manual mode, (slide the MAN-AUTO switch to the MAN position), let the purlin workpiece run to the first eyelid.
– Press the length delete button (RESET: LEGHT) until the value of CHIEU DAI HIEN HANH on OP3 is zero.
– Switch MAN-AUTO switch to AUTO side, switch FRONT-REAR switch to FRONT position, switch REV-FOR switch to FOR position.
– An START to automatically run.
Turn off the oil pump.
Power off.
Machine cleaning.

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When you turn on the phone, wait for the screen to start until it appears: “NHAN ENTER DE NHAP DATA”, press Enter – the screen will turn over to page 01 including: 01 for “order entry”, 02 for ” running screen “, 03 is” machine parameter “.
On 01 {page 02}, enter the order numbers: Move the cursor to the desired item with the four up and down arrow keys left and right, enter the desired values, press Enter to confirm the input value. into the.
In 01 including: 10 specifications in order from 01 to 10, the specification input is done in the above order.
After completing the procedure of entering specifications, to exit item 1, press Esc. The screen returns to page 01
To display the current parameters and check the order entered, go to section 02 {page 03}.
To display in this section when running the machine, or when checking the first order to prepare the rolling, we use the up and down arrows to move the cursor to the rolling mill k / ruler and the number of rolling shares . If you notice the first order is not displayed in this section, then press the button to delete RESET FULL orders, and re-enter the orders from the beginning. If it still does not work, keep the value just entered and turn off the power and then restart the machine, the order just entered will automatically enter. An START to run automatically after the test is completed.
When the device goes wrong, move the cursor to the position of “adjust the ruler” to adjust the length to the right. If the correction is still incorrect, go to section 03 to check and reset the device settings {page 04}. Press ESC to return to page 01, move the cursor to position 03 and press ENTER to get to this page.
Use the up and down arrow keys to move between items, use the number keys to retype and press Enter to confirm the input value if it is incorrect.
– CHINH THUOC DO: Assuming the value of CHINH THUOC DO is 20, we run a specification with a length of 5000 (5 meters), but the result is 5005, 5mm extra (5 cups), to run right need Adjust this value to 25 again and press Enter to confirm, if the result is 4995 {missing 5mm} need to adjust this value to 15.
– Slow running time: From 5 to 15, is the time when the machine starts to run at the slow speed initially before switching to faster speed.
– Distance running slowly: From 150mm to 200mm, is the running distance of the machine before stopping to wait for cutting.
– Distance between two knives: From 7500mm to 9000mm, is the distance from the front knife to the rear knife. When the siren cuts the tail, check the length of the unrolled tole of the order (called a) as the value of the distance of the two knives, we switch to running hands, switch to the next cut, and press the cut button, then switch switch to auto run and press START to start the car running normally. If you are smaller than the distance between the two knives, such as 10mm (10 cups), 10ly missing, and assume the distance between the two knives is 8000, then it should be corrected to 7990, otherwise if a is bigger, the margin is 20mm surplus ( 20 cups), need to correct the distance of two knives is 8020.
– Length of measurement: Usually 1, the value for supplier calibration when delivery.
– Counting roller: Usually 1, the value for supplier calibration when delivery.


When finishing running process, you need to press “delete order” button.
If the power failure is about 200 hours, the machine will automatically reset the settings to 0, need to set the parameters again for the machine to work normally again.
In manual or automatic mode, when there is a specification, press RUN button but the machine is not running, switch to manual mode and perform the following cutting, pruning so that the machine’s knife returns to normal.