Corrugated iron roll forming machine production line


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In today’s life, the demand for roofing sheets is increasing day by day. People produce and widely use, the most popular is corrugated metal. These are laminated metal sheets, usually used with the thickness from 0.25mm to 0.5mm, with widths from 0.92m to 1.22m. Ton is used as a lot of roofing and shielding.

At present, flanges are mainly produced in rolls, with each coil weighing about 5 tons, thickness and width. The rolls are usually imported from abroad such as: BHP – AUSTRALIA, NKK – JAPAN, ANMAO – TAIWAN, KOREA. And there are available protective layers of oxidation often called color coated corrugated iron, galvanized iron sheet, cold corrugated iron. In order to increase the hardness and convenience when using it to create waves and the problem of creating waves is a necessary issue for use. The making of corrugated iron is also an important technological step and involves many factors.

Depending on the requirements of which one chooses waveforms to create straight or last wave. Straight corrugated iron has square and round corrugated iron, a type of round wave previously manufactured in size, making it difficult to use.

Compared with other types of roofing sheets in our country, such as tiles, plastic, cement and roofing sheets are used. Metal corrugated sheet has more advantages, especially corrugated iron (square wave, corrugated tile), manufactured by new technology, rolled according to user requirements and shown.
Compact size
Less damaged, not waterproof
Compact and lightweight roofing structure, saving materials (wooden or steel beams)
Long service life
Heat radiation
Corrugated length upon request.
Thanks to the above advantages, along with the development of the economy, sheet metal technology has been invested and developed to meet the needs and the increasingly widespread use of corrugated iron.
Classification of corrugated iron
The classification of corrugated iron has many ways. Can be based on material composition, product use, corrugated profile, color size. Can be roughly classified as follows:

Ingredients of material are iron sheet, aluminum sheet, steel sheet, sheet metal, aluminum sheet.
According to the color
According to the number of waves: 5 waves, 7 waves, 9 waves
According to the use: Round roof, straight grade, cold corrugated iron.
According to profiles: Corrugated area, round, tile waves.
According to thickness: 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm.